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The advisor professor

The advisor professor


We would like to inform you that the academic advisors have been appointed. Each student is personally supported by a Tutor Advisor. The primary role of the Advisor is to guide the graduate student on issues related to attendance, the selection of elective courses, the selection of a supervisor for the master's thesis, and the possibilities offered by the program.

The Student Advisor provides students with the necessary support and counseling assistance so that students during their studies meet their obligations, be directed to the appropriate cognitive content and cope with the requirements imposed by their studies in the Program.

The duties of the consultant include:

  • Provision of advisory assistance for the composition of their curriculum.
  • Provision of advisory assistance for the selection of the supervisor of the dissertation professor.
  • Information on academic activities and encouragement for their scientific presence in academic events, conferences, workshops, seminars, etc.
  • Provision of information and suggestions for career guidance.
  • Facilitating accessibility with university procedures.
  • Students are advised to communicate about all the above issues in face-to-face classes with their advisors, during the expected hours of cooperation of the advisors as well as electronically.

Διοίκηση Αθλητισμού, Αναψυχής και Αθλητικού Τουρισμού ΤΕΦΑΑ ΑΠΘ

The Postgraduate Program "Management of Sports, Recreation and Sports Tourism" aims to teach and promote research on issues related to the management of sports, recreation, sports facilities / centers and sports tourism, covering the entire spectrum of municipal, state (RDI), and private organizations and clubs of the sports market in Greece.



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Management of Sport, Recreation and Sport Tourism | Department of Physical Education & Sport Science Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

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