Completion of the program of studies
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Completion of the program of studies

Completion of the program of studies

The title of Master's Degree is awarded by the CC. The title of the Postgraduate Diploma is a public document and is awarded to one of the Postgraduate Programs of the collaborating Departments after the submission to the secretariat of the MSc of the evaluation report of the support and grading of the postgraduate thesis, signed by all three members of the three-member examination committee, after the necessary corrections under the responsibility of the supervisor. Also, the postgraduate student submits to the Secretariat of the MSc one (1) copy of his/her Master's Thesis and one (1) electronic copy (CD) with his/her thesis in 'Word' or 'pdf' format.

Διοίκηση Αθλητισμού, Αναψυχής και Αθλητικού Τουρισμού ΤΕΦΑΑ ΑΠΘ

The Postgraduate Program "Management of Sports, Recreation and Sports Tourism" aims to teach and promote research on issues related to the management of sports, recreation, sports facilities / centers and sports tourism, covering the entire spectrum of municipal, state (RDI), and private organizations and clubs of the sports market in Greece.



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Management of Sport, Recreation and Sport Tourism | Department of Physical Education & Sport Science Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

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