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Admission Criteria

Admission Criteria

Applications are before the deadline together with the necessary supporting documents to the Master’s Program Secretariat, in electronic form. Any additional submission of overdue supporting documents is not accepted. The exact dates for the submission of supporting documents are declared in the announcement and are strictly followed.

Supporting documents for submitting an application

1. a) Degree in basic studies, based on which the application will be graded.

b) Diploma in knowledge of a foreign language, at least B2 level recognized by SPSB.

2. Diploma thesis completion certificate.

3. Certificates of professional experience.

4. Documentation of academic publications.

5. Evidence of oral and/or poster announcements.

6. Certificates of participation in research programs.

7. Other University and Higher Technological Educational Institutions degrees.

8. Doctoral or postgraduate degree.

Supporting documents 1.a and 1.b are prerequisites for the evaluation of the candidate. All the rest are qualifications that improve scoring.

Conditions and Scoring


Criterion 1. Bachelor's degree in basic studies Maximum 40 points (Bachelor's degree x 4)

a)    Bachelor's degree in basic studies, showing the grade

b)    Foreign Language Degree (certification of good knowledge of a foreign language)

In order for the application to be accepted and to activate the evaluation process, i.e. the scoring of each candidate, the following condition is necessary in relation to the language qualifications. All B2 level language certificates recognized by SPSB are accepted. In the event that the candidate has graduated from an English-speaking, German-speaking, or French-speaking university abroad and this is proven by his/her degree, it is not necessary to present a language proficiency certificate of the required foreign language.

Criterion 2. Thesis (maximum 5 points)

The Diploma Thesis is evaluated with five points if it has been written by a single author, regardless of its grade. If it has been written by two or more authors, the points awarded to the candidate are equal to the quotient of five times the number of authors. The Diploma Thesis is certified by a certificate from the Department Secretariat or the library, which must include the number of authors.

Criterion 3. Proven professional experience (5 points for 2 years of work, 2 ½ points for 1 year and 0.5 points for ½ year)

The professional experience must have been acquired after having received the degree and fall within the scientific area of the Master’s Program and is proven with the following supporting documents:

1. for public sector employees:

Certificate from the relevant public sector body, from which the exact type and duration of the experience can be obtained.

2. for private sector employees:

Copy of official documents of the relevant insurance company, from which the duration of the insurance can be obtained. Certification of the employer where it is clearly visible, the duration and type of work as well as the details of the employer, natural person or the name of the company if it is a legal entity.

3. for freelancers:

Certificate from the relevant insurance company, from which the duration of the insurance can be derived.

Criterion 4. Publication of articles in national and/or foreign journals with referees and an editorial board (maximum 10 points)

Up to 2 publications of scientific articles will be evaluated.

If the publication is in an international journal with referees (in an international bibliographic database or has a "journal impact factor"), or a Greek scientific journal with a referee system, then the candidate to be evaluated s/he must be up to third in the series of authors of the paper. The first author on a paper receives 5 points, the second 3 points and the third 2 points.

Publications that do not meet the aforementioned conditions are NOT registered towards the evaluation of the candidate.

Journals that do not fall into any of the above cases will be examined on a case-by-case basis by the Coordinating Committee (CC).

The candidate must submit in the nomination file: a) the entire publication, b) a photocopy of the page of the journal with the scientific committee and c) a photocopy of the cover. If the paper is under publication, then acknowledgment of acceptance from the journal's editorial director and a copy of the paper must be submitted.

Criterion 5. Oral and/or poster presentations at local and/or foreign scientific conferences (maximum 6 points)

Up to 2 announcements are evaluated.

Participation in each oral or posted presentation is evaluated for the first author with 3 points, for the second with 2 and for the third with 1.

The candidate must provide a copy of the conference proceedings (the 1st page and the paper abstract page) and a confirmation of the conference announcement.

Criterion 6. Participation in research projects (maximum 5 points)

The candidate must submit a certificate from the Special Research Funds Account (University Research Committee), which certifies his/her participation in a research program, of a minimum duration of one calendar semester.

Criterion 7. Second degree from another University or Higher Technological Educational Institution department (maximum 10 points)

Candidates who hold a second degree from a national or foreign University or Higher Technological Educational Institution department are evaluated with 10 points.

Criterion 8. Possession of a Master's or PhD (maximum 25 points)

Candidates holding a master's degree receive 15 points, while holders of a doctorate receive 25 points.

Διοίκηση Αθλητισμού, Αναψυχής και Αθλητικού Τουρισμού ΤΕΦΑΑ ΑΠΘ

The Postgraduate Program "Management of Sports, Recreation and Sports Tourism" aims to teach and promote research on issues related to the management of sports, recreation, sports facilities / centers and sports tourism, covering the entire spectrum of municipal, state (RDI), and private organizations and clubs of the sports market in Greece.



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